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Jean Marco

I am Jeanmarco Cicolini, a tattoo artist whose heart lies in the crafting of geometric masterpieces and blackouts. Specializing in dotwork and mandalas, I draw inspiration from the ethereal beauty of sacred geometry. 


 Geometry is not just an obsession for me; it's a perpetual source of inspiration that has led me to master the art of Geometric Tattoos. Each design I create is a testament to the stunning harmony achievable with lines and shapes, leaving my clients in awe. 


 Hailing from Italy, I've found mandalas to be a sublime expression of Unity, Power, Protection, and Harmony, mirroring the vastness of the cosmos that surrounds us. My journey has taken me across Europe to collaborate with some of the most prominent dotwork tattoo artists, where I've shared my vision of abstract artistic tattooing and geometric blackouts.


 In my artistic repertoire, I offer designs that delve into the psychedelic, op art, intricate textures, labyrinths, and a variety of shapes, all aimed at capturing the essence of what you seek in a unique and personalized tattoo.

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