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Taking proper care of your investment will assure it heals infection free, and stays looking fresh for years. We offer saline solution at check-out for an additional cost.

Clean 3 times daily with saline wound wash, available at time of check-out for an additional cost. Use Q-tips/gauze and hot water with diluted Gold Dial antibacterial soap, rinse thoroughly with warm water and dab dry. Use saline to gently remove plasma and crust from piercing. Avoid lace clothing, loofas, or towels that may snag jewelry.

Return to piercer to downsize jewelry after 2-4 weeks to insert shorter jewelry to avoid snagging and irritation.

This DOES NOT mean to change the jewelry on your own at home. The piercing is not healed yet and the shorter post is necessary to for the piercing to heal properly. Our piercer will install your shorter post for only $10. Your hair must be pinned back away from the piercing until it is no longer red or swollen. All hair carries oils and dirt, which can lead to infection if it comes in contact with the fresh piercing. This is crucial in minimizing your risk of infection. Swelling, seeping, soreness, and itching, are all common in the first few days or week. Ibuprofen is best to relieve discomfort.


It is very important to protect the area from filth for the first 6 weeks. Unless you are cleaning with cleaned hands, you should not let hands, bodily fluids, hair, pets etc. come in contact with piercings at all. Piercings are entry ways into your body that are vulnerable to infection if exposed to certain bacteria.

SIGNS OF INFECTION include excessive swelling, redness, pain, green or dark yellow pus, abnormal bleeding and fever. If signs of infection appear, seek medical attention.

DO NOT use alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, or saline that is not for anything other than wound wash.

DO NOT use scented soaps, face washes, essential oils, or ointments on any piercings.

DO NOT attempt to change jewelry before it is fully healed, as this can damage the fistula (healing tunnel of the piercing) and allow entry for bacteria and prolong healing. A piercing may look healed, but they heal outside to inside so give extra time to be safe and never be afraid to see our piercer for assistance.

DO NOT pull, twist, or play with jewelry while healing.

DO NOT remove jewelry when cleaning a healing piercing

DO NOT sleep on piercing. If this is a problem, you can use a travel pillow to sleep on. For example, if you just got a helix piercing, place your ear in the hole of the pillow so that there is no pressure or tilting on the piercing because this can interfere with the healing.

Oral Piercings: Avoid spicy foods, alcohol, and smoking for the first few days as these can irritate your new piercing and prolong healing time. Always rinse your mouth with cold water or saline after eating or drinking in order to provide a clean healing environment. Use an alcohol-free mouthwash NO MORE than 2 times a day. The outside of an oral piercing should be cleaned with sterile saline AT LEAST 3 times a day.

Genital Piercings: Avoid sexual contact for the first week to give the piercing time to heal. Genital piercings tend to heal quicker than most piercings, but must have a clean environment to do so. Avoid bodily fluids.

If you have any questions regarding the healing process of your piercing, please feel free to call our Studio at any time and ask to speak with our piercer. You can also message her on instagram during our regular business hours.

Please contact your Health Care practitioner at the first sign of infection, allergic reaction, or adverse reaction resulting from the piercing and report any diagnosed infection to the piercer and to the Texas Department of State Health Services at 1-888-839-6676.

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