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Dark Age Tattoo is an APP Certified piercing studio, located in Denton, TX. Piercings are only done with safe and high grade jewelry. We have several options for initial piercings varying in crystals, genuine stones, and shapes. The piercing process at the studio takes into account stylistic jewelry curation.

We only pierce with implant grade titanium (ASTM F136, Ti6Al4V ELI). This is preferred for initial jewelry since the jewelry will be lighter and heal better within your new piercing. Non- compliant jewelry may have higher percentages of ‘mystery’ metals which could be a cause of delayed healing or irritation. Jewelry made from uncertified materials should not be in contact with bodily fluids like a fresh piercing and should be worn for short periods of time.

We do not do initial piercings with rings for nostrils or conches as it may cause delayed healing. However we consider future jewelry curation for piercing placements. All of our jewelry is threadless or internally threaded with smooth polishes. We cannot use jewelry from outside the shop for piercings.


Q. What are the sterility practices at the studio?

All of our jewelry and needles are single use and run through an autoclave, a pressurized heat system. In addition our piercer practices piercing out of sterile fields only. This reduces cross contamination during the piercing process.

Q. Do you pierce with a gun?

We do not pierce with a gun, this is a non-sterile practice and causes blunt force trauma to the body. Piercing-guns spread bacteria and diseases since it is not able to be sterilized between clients, such as hepatitis.

Q,. Will I bleed?

There are varying amounts of blood vessels within the body and some piercings will have minimal bleeding. Avoid blood thinners prior to a piercing such as alcohol, drugs, or over the counter medication.

Q. When can I change my piercing jewelry?

We recommend downsizing after 4-8 weeks and waiting 4-9 months healing time before changing out a piercing. The longer you wait the better for the overall healing process for your new piercing.

Q. Can a minor get pierced?

Our age limit is 13 for ear piercings on minors. Required documents from the health department include a birth certificate of the minor, a form of ID of the minor, a form of ID for a parent on the birth certificate. Parents must be present for the piercing.


We recommend the use of sterile saline solution. Why sterile saline? The isotonic solution does not decrease or increase water content within healing cells. Creating a solution at home may lead to irritation since it is not sterile which could introduce microorganisms into a fresh piercing channel, as well as the possibility of adding too much salt which creates a hypertonic solution (draws water out) that could damage new cells. When handling your new piercing wash your hands first, utilize the sterile saline solution, and let dry.

Piercing channels heal quickly when left alone as much as possible and when not slept on. Don’t force any piercing to move; small scabs form around the piercing channel as new skin cells emerge during healing. Discoloration, inflammation, and fluids are normal for a new piercing during healing. Typical healing for a piercing is 60-90 days, however, if you like your new piercing don’t leave it without jewelry once it’s healed as the channel may shrink or close.

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